College Dropout​(​s)

by Grasser

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Recorded in October 2015 at:
- our homes
- in the public library
- the community college none of us graduated from

Then mixed by Pat Noon in September of 2016

Album artwork designed by Michael Loupos


released October 7, 2016

Nick Gianatiempo - Guitar
Biff Swenson - Drums
Mason Rogers - Guitar
Anton Fortunato - Bass



all rights reserved


Grasser Toms River, New Jersey

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Track Name: It Ain't Nuttin' Butta Buh-Day
You're temperamental while you sleep.
I shall return, so save receipts.
It's time I sew what you just reaped.
All seems well, but talk is cheap
When everything is the matter, fall out.

I shout "Have no doubts" but you fell right out.
I just can't help but to help him out.
I'm prone to get stoned when I'm all alone.
You end up owned.
The plan, it got boned
So this gets postponed again.
Track Name: Oh, I'm Downtown
Saturday mornings aren't the same as they used to be
A decade later, and you still just watch TV
They long for an innovator
No need for an imitator

I'm perplex by the moves you're making
I detest any backwards thinking
But that's exactly how we're living
I guess it's time to fall back and give in

We had just got off the phone
You watched me feasting when I was all alone
Remember when I took you to a show?
We laughed and joked, but that was long ago.
Don't say it's impossible
I'll take this on the road
and you won't catch nothing
but the tail end of my smoke.
I taste you destroying the unspoken code

I guess we'll never know
Who killed rock n roll
(It was you!)
Track Name: Yes, And
I got regret on the brain & a knot in my gut.
This current situation surely sucks, but
I could never be the squirrel who gets away with a nut.
Sitting here with you where education falls prey to what..

Bust your nut but get back to work
(cause break time is over)
If you catch a feeling just give 'em back
(cause it's time to act a little older)
In another life we would have forged ahead
(but the heart, it grew a little colder)
I would have picked this over that
(but now I'm on the border)

..What we had in mind, we shouldn't speak about.
It's for the grass to know, and for the sky to find out.

Wasting chances everyday, and it's hard to stay sober
Track Name: Dawg, You Trippin'
It's such funny stuff
When he tries to comprehend true love
Fast forward twice as long
He shat where I ate, what scum
Go home, Lassie. You're so unclassy
I wish you could see that you're making a mockery

Way back when Zack would pass you along some mixtape tracks
I couldn't help but feel inadequate that
The cav would have seen some different tunes
Bowie's the one who wrote all the young dudes.

Still rocking on the regular after all these years.
Why are you so particular after all those beers?
Summer in mood, but not temperature - standing on these piers.
This dude is just a predator, always causing fears

Still rocking on the regular
Still rocking on the regular